ASDA is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation concerned with civil society issues, particularly promoting equality of opportunities and good relations between persons of different racial groups.

The organisation was established in 2000 in Helsinki, Finland. The organisation’s mission is to provide guidance, health, social, educational, vocational and character development of youth in general through the offering of structured activities such as short and long courses, homework support, field trips, sports, training, seminars, cooperation development with underdeveloped countries.

The purpose is simply, to provide a safe and structured environment in which all youth can associate with their peers. The organisation cares for all generations regardless of their gender, age or ethnic background, particularly promoting youth diversity and understanding that young people naturally seek excitement, friendship and support, youth empowerment through education and employment, promoting diversity through culture and new media. 

ASDA ry is an open organisation with over 500 members from different ethnic backgrounds including native Finns.

The organisation has organised and participated in more than 30 EU youth programs since 2005, and is a member of European Youth 4 Media Network (https://youth4media.eu) based in Germany.

The organisation is managed by qualified personnel who have experience in Adult Education, Youth work, Volunteering, Social entrepreneurship, Research, Development Cooperation, EU Youth in Action programmes and also associates with highly experienced and well-advanced Institutions and organisations based in Finland, Europe and beyond.